Madison Lumber Mill, Madison NH


Eastern 30-Year Warranty

The following warranty applies if all conditions have been met:


Eastern Forest Products hereby warranties all of its primed products against failure for as long as you own your home for up to 30 years.

Should any EASTERN products prove to be defective within the warranty period, Eastern Forest Products reserves the right to inspect said failure and decide to replace or repair defective lumber, at the company’s sole discretion. No related damages are recoverable.

Eastern Forest Products’ warranties apply only when the lumber is coated in a manner as to completely cover the substrate. The field-applied top coat finish is to be two coats of any premium 100% acrylic trim paint and will be characterized by complete film uniformity and the absence of voids, thin spots, pin holes or any coating defect which will allow the infiltration of water once the trim has been installed. All cut ends of lumber must be sealed with a premium 100% acrylic primer prior to installation.

The warranty does not apply to construction defects or breaching of the coating envelope by the building contractor or his or her subcontractors. The contractor is responsible for proper storage of the lumber on the job site as well as approval of the primed product, prior to installation.

This warranty is limited to the original replacement cost of the product. Any claim must be accompanied by the original sales receipt and bar code tags identifying manufacturer of product.


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